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We have actually been testing several of the Flex 24V brushless power devices so we can offer you a concept of what to get out of this new brand. We’ve obtained a bunch of their tools, but for today, we’ll start by taking a look at their FLEX hammer drill, FLEX influence chauffeur, FLEX 7-1/4 ″ circular saw, FLEX reciprocating saw, as well as FLEX oscillating multi-tool. Bringing power, Pro features, and a 5-year device AND battery warranty, these devices are placed to go head to head versus the leading pet dogs in the industry.Where to Purchase These FLEX 24V

Power Devices FX1151-2A 24V Brushless Drill–$179.99 FX1251-2A 24V Brushless Hammer Drill–$199.99 FX1171T-2B 24V Brushless Drill w/Turbo Setting
  • –$229.99 FX1351-2A 24V Brushless Impact Chauffeur– $199.99
  • FX1371A-2B 24V Brushless Quick Eject Impact Vehicle Driver–$249.99 FX2131A-1C 6-1/2 ″ 24V Inline Circular Saw– $249.99 FX2131A-1C 7-1/4 ″ 24V Round Saw–$299.99 FX2271-1C 24V Brushless Reciprocating Saw–$249.99 FX4111-1A 24V Brushless 24V Oscillating Multi-tool–$199.99 FX2221-Z(Barrel Hold ), FX2231-Z (D-Handle)Jigsaws– $199.99
  • FX3171A-1C 24V Brushless Angle Grinder(Paddle Switch Over Set)– $249.99
  • FX3181A-Z 24V Brushless Angle Grinder (Side Switch Over Bare Device )– $179.99
  • FX3171A-Z( Paddle Switch Over Bare Tool )–$179.99 FX5131-Z Flood Light– $129.99
  • But before we obtain as well much– allow’s begin at the top … or base– with the battery. This is a
  • 24V Max system. Like Kobalt, it’s a 6-cell system as opposed to
  • 5 like 18V as well as 20V max tools. Out of the gate

    , Flex has 4 readily available batteries. It begins with a small 2.5 Ah pack and moves to 5.0 Ah for a lot of your drills, impact motorists, oscillating tools, and also various other portable power tools. Yet, for greater draw

    tools like circular saws as well as reciprocating saws, 8.0 Ah and 12.0 Ah batteries take center stage. Inside each pack, Flex has what they call “Therma Tech”. According to their research, it maintains the battery colder, expanding its total life as well as providing you approximately 25% longer run time. Flex 24V Hammer Drill If there’s one device we have actually handled

    the most– it needs to be the cordless hammer drill. When the Flex 24V version turned up at the Pro Device Reviews shop, we jumped right in as well as reached function.

    We were immediately thrilled

    with its speed. Most drills peak around 2000 or 2100 RPM. Flex does something that’s unusual. It has a Turbo mode– that’s a performance boost you involve with a switch at the base of the device. In High Speed, our tachometer showed it taking the

    Flex from 2000 RPM to around 2560 RPM. It additionally collaborates with Reduced gear, bumping the rate from 575 RPM to around 725. It’s not all speed, though. There’s lots of muscular tissue to back it up– 1400 in-lbs worth. Which makes it among the greatest hammer drill vehicle drivers readily available. Currently, we wouldn’t state that unless we had in fact examined it … To do that, we intended to see how that

    power equated into the real-world job of rough-ins. We chucked up a 2-9/16″self-feed bit to see what it can do in 2 × 4 studs. Typically, you ‘d do this kind of exploration with a larger right-angle drill. However examine this out– not only did Flex eat with these openings without a trouble– it did it on the double! Nearly all cordless drills we have actually examined demand to do this type of drilling at Low speed.To make it a lot more impressive– we could drill these openings a lot more promptly by bumping up the drill right into Turbo mode.Drilling with little bits that large that quick features some threat. Using the side deal with assists a whole lot, however it’s the integrated kickback control that we’re actually excited to see. If the tool binds up while exploration, a sensor instantly quits the electric motor before it does significant damages to your wrist or joint. In general, we’re seeing Pro power, Pro functions, and class-leading performance in this tool. This goes over– much more so when you figure this is a first-generation tool! Flex 24V Influence Chauffeur We like screening impact drivers at Pro Tool Reviews. Mostly as a result of how much you can do with these devices. They’re simply enjoyable to test, and Flex relocated straight into the top rate of cordless impact chauffeurs with its costs 24V brushless model.But FLEX also made some pretty innovative actions with these 24V brushless tools. As an example, right listed below the 1/4″ hex collet, you see this little switch– it’s the Quick Eject

    button. Rather than pulling out the collet to mount or launch your little bit– just push the switch. You never have to move your hand or establish the tool down. It is among the much more innovative functions we’ve seen on an impact vehicle driver in a while.There’s additionally some eye-popping performance built-in. Peaking at 3600 RPM, you obtain a beast 2500 in-lbs of torque. You require some control with that said much power, and also Flex offers it to you with 3 requirement speeds and also 2 self-tapping screw settings. A high-torque impact motorist such as this will certainly snap 1/2″square adapters on our 33mm test rig all day long, yet we can see how it equates that power to work by driving a collection of 3/8″x 8 “rugged structural screws right into piled OSB. Check out just how confident this tool is driving that big of a

    screw! Yet, with the push of a button, you can take that power and turn it right into ideal control with the help settings. Developed for use with self-tapping screws, you can remove over-tightened, busted, or stripped bolts. One other thing– we actually like just how small Flex made this 24V brushless effect tool. It’s just 4.75″from pointer to tail and among the most small models we’ve tested.Flex 24V Round Saw Over the last two years, as we’ve checked loads of cordless round saws head-to-head, models have divided decisively into 2 categories: conventional and advanced. Based upon our early screening, Flex’s first-generation 7-1/4″brushless round saw leaps right into the advanced side of the team. Its cutting efficiency is exceptional, as well as the tool competes with the leading saws we have actually evaluated. We’re gearing up to put

    this one on our main Test Track– and today, it’s looking really competitive.You can see that Flex selected a traditional blade right layout that helps this device really feel really all-natural for any individual made use of to a corded

    sidewinder-style saw. They additionally cut some weight with a magnesium blade guard and also footplate. With round saws, we search for a clear view to where we’re cutting– and also Flex did a great work

    offering you great access to the cutline with an additional collection of notches near the blade.The depth-of-cut is worth keeping in mind too. You have the ability to cut up to 2-5/8 ″ deep– that suffices to get through 3x material in one pass for those of you that use it. If you’re tearing timber, that’s 5 sheets of 1/2″ plywood or 3 sheets of 3/4″subfloor. And it’s not just about capacity– regardless of what material is on your plate for the day, this Flex 24V circular saw has the power to muscle mass through it. Flex additionally obtained the comfort designs precisely this saw along with their various other 24V brushless devices. The main handle fits conveniently in your hand, and the front manage is

    simply the ideal dimension to give you a secure grasp without being also big.Flex 24V Reciprocating Saw At this stage of the game, Flex was mosting likely to need to put together something quite special to take on the top

    cordless reciprocating saws … and they supplied. From our first cut with this 24V brushless recip saw, we could inform that it had much less vibration than a lot of the various other saws in this group. That’s many thanks to what Flex calls”Shockshield Resonance Reductions “. With a lengthy 1-1/4″stroke length that drives up to 3000 strokes per min, it thaws through metal cutting at rates that go toe-to-toe with the best

    we have actually tested.Switching over to wood-cutting, it has a major advantage over several of its competitors by supplying a switch to engage orbital action mode which adds some aggressiveness to its speed.The surprising revelation is seeing simply how small Flex kept this saw considering how

    it executes and also just how well it regulates

    resonance. It’s just 17.5″long– and that’s even more inline with what we expect from typical cordless reciprocating saws, not higher-performing designs similar to this one.Add in a rafter hook, LED light

    , rotating shoe, as well as push-button shoe length adjustment, and also you have actually obtained a professional-level demolition tool that does not leave you wishing you ‘d purchased something else.Flex 24V Oscillating Tool We’ve dealt with a LOT of multi-tools, so

    a few points immediately jumped out to us concerning the Flex 24V brushless oscillating device. Initially, we love Flex’s Shockshield Resonance Suppression. It separates the head

    from the rest of the device body– which makes a massive difference in how much resonance you feel. There’s extremely little vibration on the primary hold location and also nearly none of it gets to the battery.Next, you obtained ta love that Flex opted for the Starlock accessory interface! If you have not utilized this yet– it’s a large renovation over any one of the other tool-free options. Just turn the lever on top to launch the blade, press the tool head down on top of your brand-new one, as well as turn the bar back in position to protect it. There’s no demand to touch a hot blade, and also

    you can swap devices much more quickly.We likewise like that you have a set of LED lights on the front. These do a good job of illuminating your work area compared to single-light designs.Of program, we’re never delighted up until we examine efficiency

    for ourselves. We evaluated this

    tool with cutting and sanding– both of which take advantage of the 4 ° angle and also as much as 20,000 oscillations per min. The device appears to

    get a sensational amount of job done rapidly. It’s fast sufficient that the models currently near the top of our Examination Track charts have some severe reasons to really feel worried concerning this individual heating up for its Time Trial.Flex decided to discard the basic variable rate dial and also chose 5-speed digital controls on the back instead. We’re absolutely great with that call, as well as it’s simple to see what speed you’re at without needing to transform the tool to look.The last point is that Flex really did a good job on the comfort designs of this tool. It feels all-natural in your hand, and also the shapes and size don’t make weird angle reducing as uncomfortable as some designs. Until now, we believe this is an oscillating multi-tool that’s worth some major consideration.

    Wrapping All of it Up I make certain among the huge inquiries is going to be: “Are Flex 24V brushless tools any type of excellent?”With what we’ve experienced up until now, they’re a legit competitor among the very best names in business and also they’re backed by a 5-year warranty. Let’s just say everybody at Pro Tool Reviews are looking forward to seeing exactly how Flex competes head-to-head in our YouTube Time Trial collection!

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