High lumber prices have affected cheese and it’s weird –

The skyrocketing lumber price legend of 2021 will for life reside in notoriety. We wrote about the topic a fair bit on Woodworking Network – covering the debate, the conjecture on what caused costs to increase, and the impact it carried the woodworking industry.

But one repercussion we haven’t yet touched on: Exactly how it affected the price of cheese.

Yes, cheese.

Well, many cheesemakers use wooden boxes to deliver their cheese, but high lumber rates have actually made them pricey to produce. So numerous have actually switched over to barrels rather.

“barrels” really aren’t the barrels one would typically think of – they’re more likely “a plastic bag and also a corrugated box with several measurements” – Ohio-based cheesemaker Kurt Epprecht told trade publication Heap’s Dairyman.

These vacuum-sealed “barrels” generally keep processed cheese, like Kraft Singles, Velveeta, as well as Cheese Whiz.

That has caused an excess of refined cheese to flooding the market, causing costs to go down to a 15-month reduced.

It’s additionally caused a mild uptick in the rates of unprocessed cheese, according to the Cheese Reporter.

Epprecht said that firms that make use of barrels typically don’t utilize boxes, and also the other way around – as specialization assists firms make sure safety at their facilities.

This is possibly the last time you’ll read about cheese on Woodworking Network.

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