YouTuber shows off his well-organized garage woodshop –

GREENVILLE, S.C.– Joe Cesaro has actually come to be rather of a cause superstar on YouTube.

According to the Greenville Journal, when Cesaro was furloughed from his work for 5 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, he took to producing woodworking videos on YouTube. The result? More than 800,000 sights and 21,000 followers.

Cesaro told the Journal that he learned many of his woodworking abilities by enjoying YouTube videos. He got more severe about his leisure activity and started marketing wood products he made to sustain his family under the name Lincoln St. Woodworks when he was laid-off. He likewise obtained a lot more major about generating videos about his craft, which blend woodworking tips with his sense of humor.

In the going along with video clip right here, Cesaro leads a tour of his woodworking shop in a single-car garage. It’s had 55,000-plus sights and also counting with greater than 2,000 likes vs. 15 disapproval.

Cesaro told the Journal he is focused on getting to 100,000 views of his woodworking videos.

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